with Janice Sutton

Tomato: Know, sow, grow, feast


“This is the ultimate book on tomatoes, brimming with information based on experience. It covers everything anyone ever needed to know about selecting, growing and using the best and tastiest tomatoes in all districts and climates”.

(Peter Cundall, ABC Gardening Australia, 2018)

“Once upon a time I used to pick tomatoes out of salads, shove them aside on plates, and barely tolerate them in hot dishes, unless they were thoroughly immersed in the sauce. Now my pantry is never without the tinned variety (diced preferably), and I’m always delighted to find fresh heirloom varieties (I salute you, Bunbury Farmers Market). What I’ve not managed to do is grow them. This heavy tome gives you the lowdown not he best heirloom varieties in Australia (and their history), tells you how to grow, them, and should you need more convincing - why they are so very good for you. All of which would be absolutely pointless in my opinion, if the book didn’t also contain delicious recipes. Passionate home cook Janice has tapped into chefs’ kitchens around the country to share more than 60 mouth-watering dishes that won’t test your culinary chops too much, but will leave guests wanting more”.

(Michelle, West Australian Weekend Magazine, 2018).

“Written by a trio of passionate experts who are leaders in their respective fields, this Australian book gives a comprehensive overview of one of our favourite food plants. It tells us how to breed, grow, source and use tomatoes and includes delicious recipes. In his forward, Peter Cundall describes it as the ultimate book on tomatoes”.

(Our Gardens Magazine, May, 2019)


“A wonderful Australian book on tomatoes complimented by excellent photographs and illustrations. Three hundred and sixty pages of indulgence. Impressed enough to buy two extra copies for special friends".

Michael from Melbourne

"This book is very well mixed with great information about tomato care and growing and recipes as well as family stories" I would highly recommend it to all readers".

Jack from Yarrawonga, Booktopia

"Refer to this book every day during tomato growing season. Good recipes as well".

Polly from SA Mallee, Booktopia

"Great reference book for the home tomato grower, as good a book as I have seen on the subject" .

Colly from Gippsland, Booktopia


Garlic Feast: Delicious garlic-inspired recipes for the quintessential garlic lover


This self-published book is a masterpiece, with world class content, photography, design, and production. Garlic is truly international, very much loved in many countries. This book deserves to be translated and promoted around the world”.

Edouard Cointreau, President of the July - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

“In this world of superfoods, there is one that is currently overlooked, garlic. This stunning new book has everything you need to know about using and cooking with garlic. Written and crafted by Janice Sutton it is a must for all those who love this pungent bulb and care about eating. A media person with a passion for food, Janice has collected more than 100 recipes from chefs across Australia with superb photography. Included are offerings by Maggie Beer, Sally Wise and Rodney Dunn from Tasmania’s The Agrarian Kitchen. Learn how to use, smoked, green, black and cured garlic, and the flavours associated with each. Self Published and beautifully designed the book is available from garlicfeast.com

Penny Woodward, Organic Gardener Magazine

“Merry Christmas Garlic Lovers. This gorgeous tome by garlic worshipper Janice Sutton celebrates the alium in all its glory. From growing and preserving it, to cooking with one of the many garlic-inspired recipes from award-winning chefs. Garlic Feast is available in select bookstores or for a special garlic offer visit www.wagarlic.com.au”

Norman Burns, Western Australian Weekend Magazine


“A must for every cook! A beautiful book for everyone's kitchen! Utterly wonderful”.

Talbo from United Kingdom

“I saw this book at the library and just had to get a copy! So many fantastic recipes that you know you can make at home. Something for every occasssion. Makes me want to get people around for dinner”.

Lols from Sydney, Booktopia

The Karma Sutra of Garlic!

“I have two copies of this book. One at my place in Tasmania and one in Broome. It helped me to produce my first decent crop of garlic this year. I've used a lot of the recipes as well as preserving some too. The insights into every aspect of garlic are great .. it covers everything. It is also very beautifully photographed and is definitely a coffee table book in my home. Love it !! Love garlic!

Amanda from Tasmania, Booktopia


The tastes, flavours take me straight back to Tassie.”

Steve, South Australia

“Stunning cookbook!

If you are after a wonderful, informative and well designed book dedicated to a favourite ingredient, garlic, then this is it!

The recipes written by an array of talented cooks, chefs and garlic lovers are easy to follow, delicious and beautifully photographed. It is one of my favourite recipe books and it should be in every garlic lovers kitchen!”

Bron from Launceston

“This is an amazing book!

This is extremely informative and just a big beautiful book. I met Janice at the Meeniyan Garlic Festival and bought my book directly from her. I loved it so much, that after I got home, I contacted her and ordered another one as a gift for a friend. There is everything in there from choosing and growing garlic, preserving, drying, and lots of really great recipes with big beautiful pictures which I love”.

Oil from Melbourne

Inspiring recipe book!

A beautiful book to use and look at. The photography is enough to make you want to try every recipe.

Supepam, Tasmania

Stunning Book!

Garlic Feast is much more than just a beautiful coffee table cookbook. It contains stunning images throughout, has heaps of great recipes and its packed with information about garlic, including how to grow it. What I love about the book most though, is the back story and stories within it which draw you in and give it an authenticity. I also heard later, that it won Best Cookbook in Australia and Best Self Published Cookbook in the World in 2017 as well as a medal in the Independent Publisher Awards in New York, and frankly I am not surprised. It is just such an amazing book.

Tas Foodie from Tasmania