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Image from Garlic Feast Cookbook. Copyright. All rights reserved.

Image from Garlic Feast Cookbook. Copyright. All rights reserved.


Author & Publisher: Janice Sutton

I am a former BBC national radio journalist, writer, and author and publisher of international multi award-winning books Garlic Feast and Tomato: know, sow, grow, feast. I am also incredibly blessed to live in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful corners of this earth - the island of Tasmania in Australia!

I am also a tragic foodie, enthusiastic home cook and aspiring food stylist and photographer, though it took my producing Garlic Feast to realise a budding penchant and passion for food styling!

It was however, co-writing and editing The Real Food for Kids Cookbook, by award-winning Tasmanian chef, photographer and author, Eloise Emmett, that nudged me to bite the bullet and produce my first solo book project, Garlic Feast. Without the encouragement, confidence and impetus that The Real Food for Kids Cookbook project gave me, I may well have languished, as fellow creative procrastinators often do, in the desert of n’er do and self-doubt.

Gladly, I decided to fly and haven’t looked back since. Garlic Feast in particular, has taken me on the most incredible gastronomic journey around the globe. I say this because I truly believe that the book is imbibed with a little big of magic - the energy, passion and generosity of a community that inspired it!

Feast celebrates …

  • My Award-winning book projects

Garlic Feast: Delicious garlic-inspired recipes for the quintessential garlic lover won Australia Cookbook of the Year and Best Self Published book in the World at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2017. It also won Best in the World for Printing (Everbest Printing) and was shortlisted as a Finalist for Best Cookbook of the Year in the World (across all categories, representing Australia) at the same awards.

In the same year Garlic Feast also won a Bronze medal in the general cookbook category in the prestigious ‘Independent Publisher Awards’, in New York - miraculously rendering it in the top three cookbooks in the world created by independent publishers. Even now, I struggle to absorb this achievement.

However, I can’t take all of the credit! Garlic Feast may have been my vision, and I may have invested a great deal of love, passion and hard work into producing the book, but Garlic Feast had a life all of its own. It sprung from the grassroots of The Koonya Garlic Festival, of which I am a founding organiser, and simply would not have existed without the generosity of the garlic community. Neither would Garlic Feast have been possible without the talented photographers, chefs and enthusiastic garlic lovers who generously shared recipes for the book. The book’s award-winning photographer and designer, Ian Wallace also deserves a huge nod, not only for his skill and professionalism, but also for guiding me so gently and expertly through the complex process of self publishing. Last but certainly not least, Garlic Feast certainly would not have been possible without the support of my beautiful husband Paul, who kept me afloat with a steady stream of G & T’s during the bleary eyed deadlines and occasional tempest.

Tomato: know, sow, grow, feast: My new ‘best-selling’ book published in October 2018, is also a gorgeous hard back tome created for tomato lovers, gardeners and cooks and all those who love beautiful books! It was produced in collaboration with well-known and respected author Penny Woodward, Horticultural Editor of the ABC Organic Gardening Magazine and talented gardening expert and garden designer, Karen Sutherland from Edible Eden Design.

The book is currently Number 2 in the SUNDAY AGE newspaper best-seller list (November, 2018) and has gone to second print.

Thrillingly, in May 2019 it won a GOLD MEDAL in the Home and Garden section of the Independent Publisher Awards in New York, something for which myself and my co-authors are immensely proud.

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook: I was approached by local chef Eloise Emmett in 2015, to co-write and edit her first cookbook ‘The Real Food for Kids Cookbook’ - an as cute-as-a button, scrumptious bite-sized book brimming with delicious easy-to-cook recipes. It was my first book project too, and as it turned out, the perfect project from which to launch both of our dreams. The executive editor for the project was Gaye Wright from Temperate Zone Publications.

In exchange for my contribution to her first book, Eloise contributed 10 delicious recipes and 29 beautiful images to Garlic Feast:-)

What inspires me …

  • Slow Food

Food that has been sown, grown, nurtured, cooked and shared with love. Food that is organic, seasonal, locally sourced and sustainably grown, where possible.

  • Tasmanian Produce

Tasmania, my adopted home, due to its cool temperate climate and clean air and water, grows and produces some of the freshest, healthiest, tastiest produce on earth.

Tasmania also punches big for its diminutive population and size, with a wealth of talented chefs and cooks who offer world class dining experiences.

This, along with the proliferation of small artisan gourmet producers and growers over recent years, passionate about promoting ‘real food’ and ‘paddock to plate’ culinary experiences, has turned Tasmania into the ultimate ‘foodies paradise

  • Gourmet Traveller

Hailing from the UK originally, and having enjoyed numerous trips when young to Europe and other far flung destinations, this instilled in me a love of travelling, as well as an appreciation of food from many different cultures around the world: delicious, unpretentious, flavoursome food that is easy and a joy to cook at home!

  • Feasting with friends

For me nothing makes me happier, than preparing, cooking, sharing and then devouring a feast of delicious food with family and friends. I am thrilled to share some of my favourite recipes and food experiences with you, as well as some inspirational (I hope!), food facts and cooking tips - some gleaned from my own food journey, others from my favourite food writers from throughout Tasmania, Australia and around the globe.

The blog will also showcase some important milestones in my own culinary journey and adventure with my books and food.

Thank you for dropping in ….

Janice x